Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Owls - Meditation

I spent the day on the porch yesterday. I was going to go to the office and paint and then the other designer called and said today's appointment cancelled. I felt deflated and overwhelmed with it all and stayed on the porch.

As I sat there meditating and reading one of my spiritual books a small owl flew down and perched on a limb six feet away from the porch screen. This is unusual I usually don't see them except at sunset.

After a few moments a bird swooped in and started squawking and flying as close as he could to make the owl move. It didn't work the owl just sat there staring directly at me. Steady not letting the bird get to him.

I am working hard to let go and remain steady right now. After my owl encounter I had an emotional moment and ended up on my knees asking God to relieve me of my fears. The relief was instant and I know that it is all going to work out. Not in my time or the way I think it will but it will work out.

Holding steady today and keeping my mind on what is right in front of me.


  1. Western culture sees the owl as a symbol of wisdom. How beautiful that you found him to be steady and unmoved. It's a great message for me. Thank you for writing about the owl today.