Friday, April 8, 2011

Riding the Waves - The Important Stuff

I am riding the waves these days up one day with many new potential jobs and down the next with the pressure of my personal bills and the business bills coming in each day.

I had an appointment this morning and then went to the office. The owner was there cleaning which is helpful but it also means I have help make decisions about where things go and what to throw out.

We are really alike and when we work together we wrestle over everything. It was really comical today because I wanted to see with my eyes what was in every box and he wanted keep it taped up. He would say just read the label. This happen over and over.

We started laughing hysterically when we found a cabinet full old plaques (top sales 1998...) and we started to throw them away but then started to think of things we could make with them. Each idea more outrageous than the last. This is why we have so much old crap. We are both creative and can't resist at least thinking about making something from nothing. We only threw half of them away.

It is times like these that I know that this is really what life is all about the small moments shared laughing about nothing. He has made a mess of the business but he has a big heart and in the end, how important is it really?

Life will go on and I appreciated getting some perspective today. We have spent many hours talking about our spiritual views and sometimes counseling each other. I can't be mad at him even though what happened has put a lot of stress on me.

It is going to work out. I know that now even though I don't know exactly how. Today my fear is gone and I am only concerned with today. When I am my best self I know I can handle anything that comes my way.

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  1. I am glad that things are better at work. The wood and brass on those plaques would be nice.