Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jumping to conclusions -Teeny tiny task and dogs

I went outside this morning and everything was wet. My first thought was oh no I left the sprinklers on automatic and I have water the grass on the wrong day. But after I stepped back and looked around I realized it had rained.

That is always the way for me. When I first look at a situation I jump to conclusions and usually think I have made a mistake. If I don't react and take a moment to look around I might see something totally different.

Why is it we always assume we screwed up instead of assuming we didn't and waiting for that to be proved wrong.

I didn't sleep much last night. I am keeping my friends dog while he is on vacation. I don't think it was her although she was sleeping in the bed with me. I have never done this with my own dogs but I know that is her normal routine so I made and exception. She slept like a log, whatever that means.

I am busy at work and at home and next week looks even busier. I finished the upstairs yesterday and got over the gloom of the past. When I look at what needs to be done in my house I wonder if I made a mistake staying in this business. I really need extra funds to repair things around the house.

My horoscope says I am experiencing a lot of doubt these days and I should keep it to myself. It is unfounded and like the wind is just blowing through. I will keep that in mind with the real world. Not that you guys are not real, you know what mean.

When I left the house this morning the dog was howling in her grate. If I wasn't familiar with dogs I would have been in a panic. I did for one second think about bringing her to the showroom, so it almost worked. She small and I will probably be alone most of the day. But I didn't give in.

I did go back into the house and told her that she had to stop and that it wasn't going to work and that she was just going to make herself sick. When I left the house was silent. She can make it for a few hours and I am off the next two days.

That it for today I am going to focus on the many teeny tiny task I have to get done today. Have a fine weekend, unless you have other plans.

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  1. Wow - that is so true. I'm always doing the same thing, thinking what did I do wrong is my first thought. Well, I'm trying to change that, but old habits die hard. At least I realize I'm doing it - i guess that's the first step.