Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pride verses Self Worth

Over the years I have worked hard and sometimes that work was appreciated and sometimes not. I know I never made what others made because I wasn't willing to toot my own horn. I thought that it was being prideful to appreciate myself or to point out my own accomplishments. I kept quiet and hoped I would be noticed.

It is my fault because I make things look easier than they are and I don't like to let on when something is way more work than it was originally thought. For me it seemed petty to point out the extra time it took to get the task accomplished. It was about the finished product.

Working for myself has made this even harder for me. I can't work for nothing and I have to put a price on my time. It is not that I have to convince the customer that I am worth it it is that I have to convince myself. I have to get past thinking I am being prideful when I value what I do.

I have a friend that charges a lot for her time. She never thinks twice about it. We actually graduated together. She does have a back up income if she doesn't get work. But it is really me and not valuing myself.

When I like someone I want to make them happy and make their dreams come true. Kitchen and bath dreams that is. That statement is also true personally. When I am in a relationship I want the other persons dreams to come true for them even before mine. I of course think they feel the same way but that has been a fairy tale.

This whole way of thinking I realize now is wrong. It is good to be supportive to be a cheerleader on occasion. But when you spend your life on the sidelines cheering at someone else's game there is no one playing your game because you aren't there.

I have to believe that I am valuable. I have to appreciate my own talents and if necessary point it out to others. This isn't pride it is having a since of self-worth.

On the job I save my customers headaches they will never know they would have had. The details of what I do saves both time and money. Yes, you can get it cheaper but you will never get anyone that cares more about you or your project than I do.

Pride goest before the fall. This is what my daddy always said to me.

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