Thursday, January 17, 2013
I have crazy busy which is a good thing.  I have had a lot on my mind and my sleep patterns have been kind of strange. Waking up before the crack of dawn for a few hours and then going back to sleep.

At 4 o'clock this morning a woke up and decided to watch some TV instead of laying there wishing I could go back to sleep.  I watched a Nova special on the salmon migration in Alaska.

The salmon travel some 6,000 miles to get back to where their life started. Swimming up stream over rocks sometimes surrounded by hungry bears. They survive by sheer numbers and determination. Never giving up even if the only a small number make it to their final destination.

They can smell the minerals of fresh water and it is enough to keep them going and going in the right direction.

I wish sometimes I had the ability to smell something in the wind that would point me in the right direction. I wish I was that confident about the choices in front of me.

I do have good instincts if I can just them. When things come unraveled or I realize they never raveled in the first place it can make you question your instincts.

The world is shifting for me but I don't have any fear about it. I feel a perfect benevolent storm is heading my way and the beginning of a new life for me.

I was the salmon for many years before the program and swimming up stream was a part of life. I thought that was all there was but I learned I could change my thinking. Now sometimes can just trust that everything is just as it is suppose to be. I can float down stream and enjoy the ride and not be worried about bears around every corner.

I feel peaceful and taken care of even though I have no idea just how that is going to happen.

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