Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life isn't all snorts and giggles.

I woke up early this morning and spent some time writing in my journal and I then made myself a lunch to take to work. I have never done either of these thing before in the morning.  Being a night owl mornings are for coffee and a dash out the door.

I am really changing in the deepest part of myself these days. The core of me is becoming stronger and stronger and the fear has left. This doesn't mean life is all snorts and giggles. When I did get to work I had an immediate run in with someone on the phone. A older very condescending man who doesn't like the idea of girls in business. That is a total judgement on my part but I can own up to that.

My friend is here staying with me. Her father is at the end of his life and decisions are being made. We talked this morning on why people fight death. She is also a Hospice nurse and has a lot of experience in that department.

It seems some people a willing to just move on and other fight even when their quality of life is poor. Her father is an atheist and maybe the idea of nothing but this is too terrifying.

I don't fear death anymore and I believe this is just a moment in time for my spirit. I am not sure about re-incarnation or the heavenly mansion I learned about as a child but I feel certain that this isn't it.

I hope when I go I will be peaceful and with people that love me. Is there anything else?

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