Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trust the process - Growing

My spiritual focus these days has been about non-resistance.  About not judging anything as good or bad just accepting things and people just as they are for the moment.

My pain always comes from my own story about everything.  It comes from the ideas that I have about things or people and clinging to those ideas desperately. It can really be painful if I believe that if it does change I will get hurt in the process. Instead of thinking of an even better out come.

I know when I am able to truly not care about something one way or another and trust the process  I amazed how quickly the situation will resolve itself.

If I can be quiet within myself and listen to my spiritual voice I can root out the truth behind my fears and see that it has nothing to do with the actual situation at hand. Instead I usually try to find someone to blame even if that is myself. If only they could work with me instead of against me then this would be so much easier. But for me I have a hard time with trusting 100% that everything will work out.

Lately I feel that my livelihood is being shaken up. As a single person with a mortgage my mind instantly takes me to poverty and homelessness. I discount the fact that I have many skills and have friends that would take me in if I needed them to.

I had a breakthrough last weekend and stopped seeing the worst case scenario  Stating to myself that this can be a new chapter in my life and that my own ideas about how my life were so limiting. I thought about the freedom and opening up to the possibilities.

This week I had two potential job offers and I also started something new on my own. Not that I am ready to make a change but if I wanted to there are other options for me. Also someone left me a note in my mailbox saying they wanted to buy my house. Wow I didn't even consider that possibility. My house isn't for sale and I am not behind on my payments so I don't think it is a flipper. I am going to investigate.

Interesting and I thought what would my life be like if I wasn't tethered to my house or my current business. I felt lighter with that thought. I love my house but I am not the person I use to be needing to feel attached to something in order the feel whole. I have grown. We will see what the universe presents to me.

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