Thursday, January 24, 2013

It hurts to be shut out
It hurts when someone you thought you knew and loved shuts you out of their lives. It can happen in a big way with a partner or spouse but friends can do this too.

A person I have know for more than 10 years has decided we are no longer friends. We work together and we had a mix up and now she has shut me out. I thought in time she would calm down and resume our friendship but I guess I must let that idea go.

It is hard not to take it personally and I have thought about what I should do to resolve this but I don't think that at this point anything will be the right thing. She is going through her own tribulation right now and feeling like she can't trust anyone and now I have been added to the list.

It made me think of when I went to the dark side and shut everyone out of my own life. I only let people in the didn't have any expectation of me or want anything from me emotionally. The one person I did let in isn't even a part of my life right now. I isn't personal things change and people move on.

Practicing non resistance I am just going to let this go. I want to call and justify my position explain how I am feeling say that I thought our relationship was more important than this. But I am not going to I am going to just let go and let God resolve the situation.

I would be happy to here from anyone that has experienced being shut out by a friend. Am I doing the right thing by just letting it go?

Feeling sad about the whole thing disappointed that our relationship isn't stronger.

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