Friday, January 4, 2013

Do I need to be right? - Can I let it go?

In my life I try to look at things from a spiritual perspective. If I don't like someone's behavior I try to look at it without my ego. This of course isn't easy to do because in my mind it is always about me.

I try look at the situation and think have I ever acted this way? Has there been a time when I needed someone to cut me some slack and accept hurtful behavior from me? Inevitably the answer is always yes.

Do I want to just try to love that person instead of defending my position? Can I be okay with them thinking there right and that I am wrong? Does being right make me feel superior or does it quell the insecurities I feel about myself? Can my ego let me take the high road and move on?

I have been through a lot just as everyone else has in the past few years. But really I could only experience the pain of my own life and this pain made me both empathetic to others but also made me realize that we are alone in our suffering. We can be with others and they can be with us but we can't know what they are experiencing or give advice to them on how to escape the inevitable pain that life dishes out.

When I was at my lowest I wanted someone help me. I was mad because no one knew how to help me and everywhere I turned people were running from me. A drowning person will take you down if your not careful.  

When someone is in a bad place we all feel helpless and there is really nothing that can be done. The war is an internal one and all we can do it not take it personally. We can try to think of a time when we were there in that place of pain and might of hurt someone else.

My ego isn't happy with this sort of talk and I am currently in a situation where I want to defend myself. But it will fall on deaf ears. I can accept for today that this too shall pass and that things always do work out even if it isn't the way I expect.

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  1. I can let things go, only after I have mulled them over for a while. And that is especially true if I feel wronged about something. But at least I don't mull on it and have huge resentments like I once did.