Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Being There

I spent the day at the movies yesterday with a friend who is experiencing a lot of emotional pain and is not sure where to go from here. I wanted to do something and felt helpless standing on the sidelines but we all have to do whatever it takes to move through the pain.

I think it is part of the recovery process. You realize you are not the person you thought you were and then you start to question everything. The question, who am I and what do I really want from my life starts an inner dialogue that can't be easily silenced. At first it felt like freedom to know that I could do what I needed to do for myself and then fear crept in because I didn't know who I was without those limited views.

So it takes time and we just want it to pass quickly but there is no way to get away from ourselves and nobody can help us through it and that is uncomfortable for everyone. We want to do something, we are doers in this program and fixers but we can't fix anyone except ourselves and sometimes we can't even do that.

Step Two says Came to believe a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanitiy. So all we can do is be there for those making the journey, wait with them comfort them just be there.

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