Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beads for Sunday - Growing up

On the 7th day God rested and so did we. In my home growing up we honored the idea that Sunday was a holy day and no work was done. We would get up and go to Sunday school and then to church. After church we would have a big Sunday dinner and then a nap and then off to church again Sunday night.

It was a quiet routine and a thing of the past these days. In my neighborhood someone is always cranking up the power tools just as I settle in on my back porch with my coffee. I have always hated louds noises. I think it is worse for me now since my mind is quiet. At least before the voice in my head distracted me from the fact that the world is noisy.

I have implemented my own Sunday ritual which involves being alone and hanging around the house. I give myself the day off from working my job and worrying about the future or the past. No one is looking for me or expecting anything from me. I have done this for the past month and it has really restored my peace of mind.

Today I broke my new routine because I previously scheduled a class with my friend making jewelry out of beads. She gave me the gift of the class for Christmas and this was the day of the class. I am not that into jewelry but the process of making something was fun and the beads were beautiful.

It was a good distraction from my situation with my dog. She still isn't eating and I will have to make a hard decision in the next couple of days. I bathed her when I got home and made her a comfortable as possible.

Taking Sundays off mentally and just practicing some mindfulness around the house has brought on a lot of clarity for me. It is weird to become wiser with age and in that wisdom seeing your life come full circle.

Spiritually I am becoming more and more like my parents. Establishing my on strong beliefs and living life in a way that really honors those beliefs. I had to take the long way to come full circle but it is still back where I began this life.

The only real difference is that to feel secure in their religion everything was black and white. For me I realize now that everything is gray and I am ok with that.

Take what you like and leave the rest works for me and finding the program helped me to get to a place that I can admit that my parents way of thinking wasn't all bad. That is progress for me and I can see that and appreciate it.


  1. Marvelous post, helped me to look at some of the business and distractions going on.
    Prayers and thoughts for you and your dog. I can hardly stand to think of it.
    We're fostering 2 dogs right now, each new foster melts my heart but, I am so hopeful for their future in a family. Hang in there and thanks for the love towards your dear pup.

  2. I hope that your dog will be comfortable. I know the worry and feeling of sadness with a sick dog. Not much in this life is in black and white--mostly all shades of gray.