Thursday, March 17, 2011

Step Two - Dealing with insanity

Step Two - Came to believe a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity.

It is quiet here in the office today my partners child is sick and she is not coming in today. She has been taking Thursdays off but was working today because she called in sick on Monday. The owner is not here and it is really peaceful.

Yesterday my expectations for the day were high but after getting here it became a free for all. I must have been interrupted a 100 times with both personal and business issues. I was trying to meet some deadlines and it was just not happening.

I am a co-trustee for my aunt's estate and her grandson a beneficiary and has an addiction problem. He gets a decent monthly check and doesn't work so he spends his time trying to find ways to spend the principle. He has a house full of people living off of him and he has lost his children to the state permanently due to drugs and various other things. I am the only thing that stands between him and spending everything.

He has reduced his trust by 1/3 on lawyers fees trying to get his kids back. He did get them back and then lost them again. Yesterday he put in a request for us to pay for a pain medication. It was declined by the bank who it the other trustee after we discussed the addiction issue. We paid for antibiotics last week without question so he thought he would just submit another request and no one would notice $200.00 for pain meds. He already had the prescription filled and managed to come up with the money.

He has been calling an texting nasty messages for the past 24 hours non-stop. This is how he gets what he wants he wears people down. I turned my phone off this is how I get what I want, peace. He is smart when it comes to beating the system but emotionally he can't survive in a normal working environment. He has emotional outburst and gets fired.

When he depletes the trust he will be on the street along with the four people living with him. My responsibility is to keep this from happening as long as I can. He knows where I work and live which makes me nervous he has showed up here only once in the past five years. If I ignore him he usually gets over it eventually.

His issues always seem to surface when I am already maxed out, like yesterday. He threaten to come to my house so I opted to go to a friend's house for dinner last night. It was nice and peaceful.

A new day with endless possibilities and I intend on having some peace even if is only in my own mind. This is where it counts, right?


  1. Bless you, be strong and do the next right thing! Yes, peace in my mind counts but, the peace around me also means so much. Take care of you!

  2. Taking care of yourself and keeping those boundaries helps.