Friday, March 25, 2011

Step 12 - Feel the insanity

I am so up today it actually feels strange. I am grateful that the waves of bad thoughts have passed this week. Today I witnessed someone another person's meltdown and I am feeling grateful for where I am.

It is a hard thing to see your earlier self in someone else and know they are going to have to crash and burn to get better. My business partner is fighting with her husbands ex-wife over child support. Hmm, what is wrong with that statement?

Un-treated Al-Anon with a sober husband and no program for either in sight. It can be done but it has got to be a harder way to go. She gets fired up about all the injustice in the world and wants someone to pay and won't stop until someone does. In this case it is the ex wife who wants more child support.

The story is too long and not really important. Even though my partner is right, it doesn't really matter the pushing and drama is draining spiritually for everyone involved. Including for us at the office but today it didn't let it phase me.

I did try to convince her to take the spiritual high road. Let God work out the details and the the vengeance. I just threw that in to sell the deal.

We see everything from our own limitations and today she was a victim. I was determined to not get sucked in no matter what. I see today so clearly what my program has done for me even though sometimes I feel I haven't made much progress.

Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others and practice these principles in all our affairs.

A grateful student today.

Footnote: The support actually got reduced. God doesn't need our help.


  1. In my experience, leaving vengeance to HP is the best thing to do. Glad you had a good day; good for you it didn't depend on anyone else but you.

  2. Good to not get sucked into drama. I am glad that it was a good day for you.