Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me

I was sitting on my porch on Monday writing in my journal and I wrote I wish my mother was here. She would comfort me and tell me it will be alright and possibly make me a chocolate cake.

About that time a tiny bird flew under the screen door only an inch of space. It bounded across the porch and up on the table where I had my feet propped up. We sat there eye to eye I didn't dare move.

I thought oh no it is going to get trapped and I will have to help it off the porch. In that instant it hopped off the table and went back under the door.

My first thought was God doesn't need my help. The second, thanks mom.


  1. What a precious story. So many ways that God can send His message of love for us huh.

  2. Beautiful. I do believe our loved ones still visit us if we are open to the experience.

  3. Nice you could recognize this moment and cherish it.

  4. That is a God moment for sure.