Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where is my sweater? A little humor.

I was born naked just like everyone else. My parents saw my nakedness and decided I needed a sweater. They put their hearts and heads together and came up with what they thought was a perfect sweater for me. It had some of their gifts and some of things they wished they had had growing up.

I wore that sweater until I left home and saw that my sweater was different from anyone else is sweater. Then someone offered me theirs it was brightly colored a little too big but when I wore it people always complimented me. They would say how lucky I was to have that sweater. Then it started to feel a little itchy and one day I could stand it anymore and had to have it off.

I was naked again and it was cold. I thought I had made a mistake by ditching the sweater. I tried to get it back but it was gone. Then I was offered another sweater and in a moment of weakness I took it. It was really different than the other sweater it was kind of plain but comfortable and warm. It wasn't really my style so I didn't really appreciate it until I lost it one day.

So I am naked again just like in the beginning. I have been this way for awhile and I have gotten use to it. I have become comfortable in my nakedness. I have been cold through the winter without a sweater but it is spring now and I don't really have to have one right now. I have some time to look for another before winter to find one that is perfect for me.

This time I have decided to take up knitting.


  1. This is a really clever bit of writing! Well done!

  2. What an absolutely brilliant analogy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We wear our garments to suit us. I like the loose cloth analogy too. Nice one, Grace.

  4. nice way to describe what we all go through