Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back in time - Reflection

I worked the local home show this weekend and spent two days on my feet with my biggest smile and my best energy. The show was successful and ended a 6 tonight. I have already received one email for an appointment this week so life is good.

I shared the booth with someone we do a lot of work with and had a few moments to share about our families. I was telling him about my dad and what a really good man he really was and how my parents had the kind of relationship that most people envied. Mutual respect, commitment and love. They didn't always agree on discipline or politics and my mom thought my dad was too passive but to us they always presented a united front. Arguments were conducted behind closed doors and they never stayed mad for long.

My dad and I parted ways when I was young which I have written about before but we did love each other and said so before he died. He was man that came from a family where emotion was not a virtue and he managed to be loving in his own way. He loved us and passed on his analytical mind both me and my sister. I got his ability to fix things and attention to details.

It has taken me until now to let the past go fully and completely and to actually admire my dad. Commitment in relationships is hard to come by and he was committed, not to me, but to my mother for 20 years and after she died another 20 years with my step mother.

He was funny. He regularly farted in the car and blamed us kids. He would laugh hysterically at TV shows even when he was in the room alone. He could eat more than you could imagine and never put on weight. He would chase my mom around the house with bugs which as kids we thought was hilarious.

So to you dad I send my love across the not so great divide an know that we will meet again.

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