Friday, October 8, 2010

Nothing Stays the Same

I am writing when I should be working. I have a lot of appointments and not much rest since the home show and I am a little weary. Still grateful but tired and could use some r and r and I will get it this time next week.

I had an appointment near my old house and my old life today. It seems strange like that wasn't even me who lived there. I always felt something was missing but I thought since I had a life a lot of people would envy that I should just be grateful an entertain myself. So I stayed like always until infidelity booted me out the door. Even though I hadn't been happy in a long time, leaving the safety of the known for the unknown shattered my life.

So what is certain? Not really anything except we won't live for ever or maybe uncertainty. So it is time I get on with life. I have grieved and in that grief I have honored that relationship. I am content to let it go and face the rest of my journey with and open heart and strength I did not have before.

If you are in pain and you think it will never end I am proof that it will. Just when you think my god I can't take one more day of this, you might just wake up and it's gone.

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